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The tools of the trade

When most people think of a startup they think of a small group of people tucked away in a small office somewhere with a bank of monitors lighting the room. That’s not how we do things here at Lenguajero, so I decided to show you what powers Lenguajero, and where we run the site from.

The Machines

Sony Vaio -  our work horse, and she's only been dropped three times!

Sony Vaio - our work horse, and she's only been dropped three times!

Dell mini - 9 inch monitor, ubuntu OS, and only an 8MB hardrive, still this little guy's a beast.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 inch monitor, ubuntu OS, and only 2.9 pounds. Bought it just for this trip.

The whole get-up

The whole get-up

Some things you can’t see in the photos.

  1. The Sony Vaio has been dropped three times in the last year.  Both the sides are split away from the keyboard and the CD-ROM doesn’t work.
  2. The Vaio has a small leaf behind the screen.  Woke up one day in Costa Rica and it was just there.  Not really sure how it happened… When the monitor is on you can see all the veins running through the leaf.  It is actually pretty cool.
  3. The keyboard is a Spanish keyboard.  Even though my computer is set up for an English keyboard this is all I got, so the keys don’t all match up.
  4. The background is our garden/office.  There are a couple of tables out here, lots of bright flowers, a grapefruit tree, and our own resident tucan who has schizophrenia.
  5. It’s been amazing how well these computer have endured the elements.  Aside from bouncing their way along every rough road, while traveling through five countries, they have also endured three days strapped to the tops of our packs in the Colombian jungle.
  6. True to our geeky nature we have substituted the normal traveler gear for hardware.  Traveling from Colombia to Mexico we ran out of room in our bags, and strapped the keyboards to the sides, just like most people would a tent.

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