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Quest to Master Spanish Evolves Into Web 2.0 Startup

A guest post I did for the Latin America travel blog Travelojos.

The idea was to cram everything we owned into a storage unit and head out on the road, writes August Flanagan–co-founder of Spanish learning website Lenguajero.  The goal, learn Spanish.  The destination, Latin America.

View of Medellin from our apartment/officeView of Medellin from our apartment/office

From the beaches of Mexico to the mountains of Patagonia and everywhere in between, we were going to study Spanish, immerse ourselves in the rich and varying cultures of Latin America, and have an adventure.

It was this desire to master Spanish (and to have an adventure) that led us to Colombia and eventually to the city of Medellin. In addition to the country’s reputation for violence and cocaine, it has a reputation as being a country where the spoken Spanish is clear and easy to understand, the perfect place to learn the language.

With the drug war behind it, Medellin has transformed itself into a calm, modern city with a lot to offer, including better broadband than what we had back home in Seattle. We settled into the paisa culture, and with each passing day as we spoke Spanish with friends, acquaintances, and strangers on the street, we saw a transformation take place – we were beginning to really speak the language. It was in this context that our idea for a business took hold. Read Full Article

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