18 August 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Our Confession

It is time that Lenguajero faces up to what it has done. We are publicizing this confession today because we feel true remorse for our actions.  We don’t expect your forgiveness, we only ask that you try to understand us.

Like so many other crimes, we knew our first victim. We didn’t mean for it to happen. It was an accident. But somehow, in cutting poor chelsea’s head off, we unleashed a monster.

Our first victim

Soon after decapitating our first victim we felt a transformation take place deep within ourselves.  The thirst for blood grew stronger. Unable to stem the tide of death and destruction, the number of victims grew larger and larger with each passing day.

We chronicled all of it. I won’t show you photos of all of our victims (that is to ghastly a deed), but from the photos that follow I hope it will be clear that we never discriminated against our victims. Young or old, man or woman, Spanish or English speaking, we decapitated them all.  One day, hard up for victims, we even decapitated a cartoon.

If you, or anyone you know, has been a victim of our actions starting today you will have a chance to right this wrong.

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Click the Edit Profile button
  3. Choose the Crop Image link at the bottom of the page.

Again, we would like to formally apologize for our murderous actions. While we can’t promise not to decapitate anyone in the future, we do promise that if we do decapitate you we will help you get your head back.

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